Remembering the Dixie Conference Championship Era

When people think of old time Florida State football, many like to think of the 1970’s and 1980’s as a independent. When Florida State had a mantra of we will play anyone, anytime and anywhere. Sometimes people even think of the 60’s era with legendary Ron Sellers or Fred Biletnikoff. Not many people remember the […]

Florida State Team National Championships

Just in case you were wondering how many national championships your Seminoles have won do not worry, we have them all listed below for you, nice and organized. The Florida State athletics department has been top notched lately with many teams reaching the post season as a habit now. Expect some more championships to be […]

2010-2016 Archived Games

This is going to be simple, below will have Youtube links to full Florida State games that are available on Youtube. Many Youtube content creators such as “cinefunk” make this possible, so shout out to him and many others. So below we will try to have it as organized as we can, and as efficient […]

Florida State Football Today

With the title of this post of “Florida State Football Today” the objective will be to keep you updated on what is going on if we do not cover it. Most blogs like ours are opinionated, but we want to make sure you get your news just in case you do miss it. Sometimes you […]

Florida State in the CFL/AFL

Unless you have been living under a rock, most football fans know that Florida State produces elite talent to the NFL often. From 2013-2015 Florida State broke the modern NFL draft record with 29 players selected in a 3-year span. But what about the players that come to Florida State that do not make the […]