ACC Championship Game…. What Could Have Been

ACC Championship FSU-UNC

We all know what a laughing-stock the ACC Championship game was with a half empty stadium and tickets basically given away at the price of $2.99. Two proud programs which have accounted for six national titles in their rich histories really were embarrassed. I know that the game was played 9 days ago but one can’t help to wonder “what if”. In reality 6-7 Georgia Tech was the third place team in the coastal division, but won the title due to North Carolina and Miami both being on probation. This year’s dream matchup of Florida State vs. UNC in Charlotte, which would have happened if not for UNC being on probation, will just have to wait. If FSU vs UNC was the ACC Championship game this year I guarantee the Championship game would not have been a laughing-stock. Here’s why:

#1. With 4 home ACC games and a game against instate little brother ECU, North Carolina averaged 53,900 in attendance. The capacity for Keenan Memorial stadium is just under 63,000.

#2. The Championship game was in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is 140 miles away from Chapel Hill (Roughly 2 hours).

#3. Bad Blood between FSU and UNC. Even though it is not shown in the mainstream media, FSU and their fans believe that the ACC is controlled by the four Tobacco Road schools in North Carolina, with UNC being the leader. FSU feels like they have been mistreated recently by the conference.

#4. UNC would have competed for their first ACC crown since 1980 and would have made their first ACC Championship game appearance.

With these four points, and how well FSU fans travel, this would have helped the conference in every way imaginable. The ACC can never get out of its own way.