Jordan Lynch a 2013 Heisman Candidate


Jordan Lynch who put up crazy numbers in the Mid American conference this year led his Northern Illinois Huskies to a BCS at large berth in the Orange Bowl, where they will face off against a nations top 5 defense in Florida State. Northern Illinois who was forgiven by the BCS with a early BAD one point loss to the 4-8 Iowa Hawkeyes earned their #15 ranking in the BCS standings finishing 12-1 MAC champions. Their quarterback Jordan Lynch was a big reason for this and a win over the #15 Florida State Seminoles can help jump start his 2013 Heisman Campaign.

Jordan had astonishing numbers throwing for 2,962 yards and rushing for 1,771 yards which was third in FBS football this year. Which is unheard of for a quarterback to rush for that many yards. His biggest competition for next year who won the Heisman as a Freshman this year was Johnny Manziel who is a comparable player. Here’s the steps for Jordan to earn a trip to New York next year and maybe win that Heisman.

#1. Win the Orange Bowl

He will have an opportunity on New Years night with a national audience focused all on him. ESPN, New Years Night, only bowl game on, and a game against a top 5 defense with one of the best defensive players around. There is TONS of NFL talent on that Florida State defense which includes future first round DE Bjoern Warner who will be looking to stop the Jordan Lynch rushing attack. Not to mention Mario Edwards is the other DE and he was only the #1 ranked recruit last year according to Rivals. Have an impressive showing against FSU and it will only jump start his campaign for next year and constant chatter in the off season.

#2. Destroy Purdue and Iowa in 2013

This Heisman campaign will be hurt by the weak schedule they play next year within the MAC but the two Big 10 teams he will play he just cannot simply beat them but DESTROY them. If anything he will need to put his impressive stats up and make it where the game just isn’t close. A guy like Johnny Manziel will not be hurt for close games or even losses because he plays in the toughest conference known to man in the SEC. If anything Jordan will need Johnny Football to have a Sophomore slump because if Johnny is close to Jordan again stats wise the difficult schedule gives Johnny the tie breaker.

#3. Root for fellow MAC teams then destroy them
Jordan will need the MAC as strong as it possibly can be which this year was a good year for the MAC but some more Out of conference wins could do some great work.

Bottom Line: Regardless if Jordan Lynch makes it to New York in 2013 any normal college football fan knows this guy is a great player because those stats are hard to acheive no matter what leauge you play in.

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