Top 10 Active College Football Coaches

Nick Saban


College football is loved by many for its dynamic nature.  The sport is always changing.  Each year there are new players, new champions, new plays, new schemes, new traditions.  It’s a little bit of controlled chaos.  And, that’s why the fans love it so much!  But, if there was one thing that held the sport consistent, it would be the coaches.  The right coach could keep a program winning and winning and winning no matter who is playing for him, what the schedule is, or how much money is being pumped into his program.  In order to pay some respect to great coaches like this, Fifth Quarter presents you with our Top 10 Active College Football Coaches!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Brian Kelly, Notre Dame
  • Mack Brown, Texas
  • Les Miles, LSU
  • Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech
  • David Shaw, Stanford

Should Have Been on the List:

  • Chip Kelly, Oregon (former)

TOP 10:

10. Charlie Strong, Louisville (25-14)

Charlie Strong






9. Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State (67-35)

Mike Gundy






8. Gary Patterson, TCU (116-36)

Gary Patterson






7. Bill Snyder, Kansas State (171-84-1)

Bill Snyder






6. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina (208-77-2)

Steve Spurrier






5. Urban Meyer, Ohio State (116-23)

Urban Meyer






4. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma (149-37)

Bob Stoops






3. Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech (258-127-4)

Frank Beamer






2. Chris Petersen, Boise State (84-8)

Chris Petersen






1. Nick Saban, Alabama (159-55-1)

Nick Saban







Your favorite coach wasn’t on the list?  Think we left someone off the list?  Let us know in the comments!