Recruiting: The Little Guy


With national signing day around the corner recruiting is starting to reach it’s climax and it is truly a survival of the fittest. Teams like Alabama, Florida State, and Texas traditionally never have a problem getting the cream of the crop. But what about the little guys who have to fight over the scraps or fend off the bigger schools swooping in late to take their prized recruits.

Georgia State who has put together a nice little class so far for a FCS program making a transition to FBS just got poached. Deonte Davis rated a two star athlete by from South Gwinnett High School made a commitment to Georgia State Panthers on January 7th. At the same time Texas Tech and Wake Forest were talking to him and he decided to visit Winston-Salem North Carolina. Then BOOM he gave his allegiance to Wake Forest this past weekend after his short tenure of commitment to Georgia State. It’s very hard for the smaller schools to keep their recruits away from the bigger schools late in the recruiting season as the bigger schools will sometimes have emergency cracks to fill in their own classes. But not even BCS level Wake Forest is safe from the poaching since they are still a relatively small fish to other BCS teams. This past week Paul Johnson and his Georgia Tech coaching staff tried to talk to Demon Deacon commits Joshua Okonye and Brad Watson. With Georgia Tech having somewhat more to offer and more tradition such as 4 national titles they thought they could sway the deacon commits, but sometimes the smaller school does win with their loyal recruits as Wake Forest did this past weekend.

Recruiting its a nasty game, it has to be done, and us at Fifth Quarter will stay on top of it for signing day Wednesday.