Joseph’s Fun Football Facts: Episode 1

Demon Deacons


A name means everything.  This couldn’t be more true when it comes to college football.  Team names can bring your school excitement, respect, tradition, camaraderie, or even laughter and disrespect.  Perhaps the most intense team name in all of college football belongs to the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.  The words just seem to roll of your tongue as the chilling image of a Demon Deacon crawls up your spine and into your mind.  But, Wake Forest wasn’t always the owners of such a chilling team name…

The athletic teams at Wake Forest were originally known as the Fighting Baptists.  This name came from the association the school had with the Baptist Convention (an organization that Wake Forest has since distanced itself from).  The name change came in 1923.  The Baptists started their season 3-2.  On November 10, a week after suffering a tough loss to the Florida Gators in Tampa, the Baptists hosted the Duke Blue Devils in Wake Forest.  They dominated the Blue Devils in a 16-6 victory.  Wake Forest’s gameplay impressed everyone who saw the matchup, causing one reporter to write that the Deacons “played like Demons”.  It didn’t take long for “Demon Deacons” to spawn from this report.  And so one of the most chilling team names in all of college football was born.

Joseph’s Fun Football Facts!