[Contest] ESPN Tournament Challenge. Win two $25 Gift Cards!

imageWelcome to the Fifth Quarter’s ESPN Tournament Challenge. As a college football blog we want to bring our viewers the best experience.  Even though we do not cover college basketball (for now) we want to be involved in the madness of March.  So we bring you, our viewers, a competition where one of you will be walking away with a grand prize worth of 50 dollars! Click on the more button to see details, rules, and requirements!

Directions to join:

  • Join our message board here!
  • Go to the ESPN Tournament Challenge Page here!
  • Create a ESPN account or Log in from Facebook
  • Join the “Fifth-Quarter.org” group on ESPN  which is private.  The password to join can be found here! (Must be a member of our forum to view)
  • Create your best entry and compete to win the prize!!



For any questions email john@fifth-quarter.org

In a event of a tie, a coin toss will be flipped to choose the winner at random to Break the tie.