ECU on the Rise


The East Carolina Pirates finally received that offer from the Big East that they thought they would never get. The problem is, it came a little too late where the original Big East conference has been decimated. The conference will not even be called the Big East anymore but something like the “America 12″. But for now Pirate fans want to dominate in their last year in CUSA, win another CUSA East title, and win the conference championship.

East Carolina is a gem by the Atlantic coast who has so much potential as a football program. Not only on the field, but off the field. ECU has an elite atmosphere when it comes to Saturdays around game time. Around 50,000 fans pack out the stadium, screaming as the Pirate football players run out to purple haze. ECU’s atmosphere is very comparable to Virginia Tech with a large crowd, crazy fans, and an amazing atmosphere. Just think the SEC is rumored to think about adding Virginia Tech and ECU draws comparisons to them.

ESPN has given the BIG EAST a 130 million dollar deal which may be disappointing to the conference, but exciting for Pirate fans. This also offers more exposure on television for the Pirates as the Big East will get more featured games. Of course they are going to choose someone like EÇU for most of these games. Who wants to see a game with all 12 Memphis fans in the Liberty Bowl?

FUN FACT: ECU only has two all time losing record against their future conference mates which is Navy and USF. Which means they should not be scared of anyone.

Cincinnati: 12-5

South Florida: 0-4

Navy: 1-3

Temple: 8-3

Central Florida: 9-3

Houston: 7-5

Memphis: 15-6

SMU: 2-2

Tulane: 10-2

The state of North Carolina is still open for one of the six FBS (including Charlotte) to become the dominant program. With the two likely programs UNC and NCST continuing to be stagnant or mess up so the window is open. ECU has the potential to become that dominant program and the new conference move might be that push that was needed just due to the exposure that will be received.