Johnny Manziel Off-Season Timeline

Texas A&M Alabama

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has had his own limelight for the past couple months and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Some would say Johnny Football hasn’t handled it that well but others say he is just being a kid. Here at Fifth Quarter, watching an off-season like this, we are calling for a sophomore slump for Johnny Football next season. With this kind of offseason we just do not see how the SEC bad boy can repeat the success from this past season. Especially when Nick Saban is licking his chops for another shot at him. One can only wonder if this is why Coach Sumlin didn’t allow him to take interviews the entire 2012 regular season. Here are the highlighted events from Johnny’s off-season so far.

12/20 – Court Side Seats

YouTube Preview Image

Supposedly Johnny’s birthday present from his mom were court side tickets to the Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat game a couple of weeks before the Cotton Bowl.

1/5 – Flashing Casino Winnings


Johnny was perfectly legal here, but come on flashing this on Instagram was not the best decision. Why would you bring that kind of criticism  on your self?


1/7 – TMZ

A snapshot of Johnny boozing it up at a Dallas bar with his parents.

TMZ snapshot




Forbes reports of Johnny Manziel having a Texas Longhorn tattoo from a spring break photo that surfaced. Johnny later goes on twitter and reports the tattoo is fake.

Fobes Report on the Tattoo




The above tweet is Johnny giving support to SEC hoops ‘douchebag’ Marshall Henderson who is known for taunting opposing fans and opponents, being a ball hog, and showing up to that post game house party. While Johnny gave him support, people like Lebron James gave Henderson grief. Not to mention there are tweets of Johnny telling an Alabama fan to say “wassup” to his mom.


3/25 - Shoving a Graduate Assistant

Here is a quote from The Houston Chronicle, Per Brent Zwerneman

“Following his last of three interceptions, on a short pass into the end zone as he ran into the right sidelines, an exuberant graduate assistant jumped up and down within what appeared to be inches of an irate Manziel. So Manziel shoved him. Players and coaches, who were all gathered along the sidelines, quickly separated the giddy GA and Manziel before anything escalated.”

Not even looking at the shoving incident, but 3 interceptions!!!! Signs of a sophomore slump?

Bottom Line: You might have heard this before but Johnny is not just some sophomore 20-year-old kid now. He is a Heisman and apart of a special fraternity. He could be one of the greatest college football players of all time and hopefully the limelight and the fame will not ruin him.