Top 10 Heisman Candidates


A week or so ago one of my colleagues on here gave us a sneak peek on the 2013 Heisman Candidates. Well I decided to go ahead and rank my candidates, making a top ten. Remember it’s never too early to start picking Heisman favorites, and at the end of May college football addicts are already predicting, including me.

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Above is a little youtube video I made that organized my top 10 and giving a little taste of the talent from each candidate. Below is the listing of the top 10 summarizing each candidate.


Teddy Bridgewater


One of the most popular and hottest (no dabo) players to end the 2012 season. He led his Louisville Cardinals to a Big East Championship and Sugar Bowl Championship over (at the time) the #3 Florida Gators. He threw for over 3,700 yards and completed 68.5% of his passes this past year. The sad thing was even with the amazing statistics he put up in the regular season no one paid attention due to a weak schedule, and losing to two mediocre teams in back to back weeks. It took the dominating upset over Florida for the nation to show him some attention. Even with his coming out party in the Sugar Bowl he is a little suspect to me. As we know the Heisman trophy winner usually has to have a great team along with him, it will take Louisville to have an undefeated season for Teddy to win it. Louisville will probably not have a preseason ranked team on their schedule so if they lose even one game Teddy will be done.

Duke Johnson


This sophomore Miami Hurricane is just plain exciting! The Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the year had well over 1,000 all-purpose yards. Whether it was from rushing, receiving, or special teams other opponents were always on the lookout for the Duke. With new offensive coordinator James Coley from Florida State, veteran quarterback Stephen Morris, and a veteran offensive line the Hurricane offense is on the upwards trend. All of the pieces falling together this year should set the Duke free!

The Top 10

#10 Jordan Lynch



Passing Yards: 3,138
Rushing Yards: 1,815
Total Touchdowns: 44

People give Jordan Lynch crap all the time because he plays in the MAC, but hold on one second! The MAC puts out quarterbacks! Charlie Frye, Chad Pennington, Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch, Ben Rothlisberger, and I can keep going if I wanted too. All of those quarterbacks had great college careers in the Mid-American Conference and quality NFL careers. Like Teddy Bridgewater, Jordan Lynch will have to go undefeated with better stats than last year. He even has to dominate the two big ten teams he plays this year which I think he can. He single handily kep NIU in the game against FSU in the Orange Bowl until the 4th quarter. The dual threat quarterback is a lot to handle and NIU should expect another great season.

#9 T.J. Yeldon


He’s the man who saved Alabama’s national championship hopes last year by defeating LSU on a last minute screen pass. Now that Eddie Lacey is gone to the NFL, T.J. will be the man next year. He had over 1,000 yards rushing with splitting time and his counterpart had over 1,300 yards. With majority of those carries going to him next year with the nations best offensive line the nation better watch out.

#8 A.J. McCarron


There’s not much to be said here besides the fact that he has started and won the past two national championship games. He is 26-2 as a starter and could end up on of the most decorated college football quarterbacks of all time. He was also apart of the Alabama team that won the 2009 national championship game! Oh and I almost forgot to mention, he had the highest QB rating in 2012.

#7. Aaron Murray


This guy was a couple of extra seconds away to knock off Alabama from the SEC Championship game and a Georgia national title (let’s be honest they would have dominated the Irish as well). Aaron Murray had the second highest QB rating behind A.J. McCarron in 2012. With the running back two-headed monster called “Gurshall” (Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall) should keep the passing game open all the time since teams have to respect the run. Aaron Murray threw close to 4,000 yards last year with 36 touchdowns. Against SEC defense’s that is very impressive for a quarterback!

#6. Sammy Watkins


One of the nations most electrifying players who could change a game at any moment he touches the ball. This is one of my bolder predictions, predicting that Sammy comes out of the Sophomore slump from last year. plagued by suspension and injury last season he still had a pretty good year. The two things Sammy needs to prove this year is consistency and that he can perform well against SEC teams. In all of his games against SEC teams in his career he has been nowhere to be found. But now that Deandre Hopkins is gone to the NFL Sammy will be the man and will need a year more like his Freshman year.

#5. De’Anthony Thomas

De'Anthony Thomas

The Los Angelos native is another exciting player whenever he touches the ball and he can do it all. The junior will have more weight on his shoulder with some of the talent lost from the Oregon offense last year (especially Kenjon Barner) but one word of advice to other teams….Do not kick his way


Rushing Yards: 701
Receiving Yards: 445
Total Touchdowns: 18

#4. Braxton Miller


The Junior year quarterback led the Buckeyes to a 12-0 season in 2012 under Urban Meyer. The dual threat QB threw over 2,000 yards and ran well over 1,000 yards. Ohio State plays yet again a weak schedule with no prestigious out of conference opponent. If the Big ten is as weak as it was last year the Buckeyes could finish 12-0 yet again, and Braxton Miller can rack up the stats. BUT for him to win the Heisman he will need his Big Ten competition to have a good year.

#3. Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney

If you do not agree that Jadeveon Clowney is the best defensive player in the nation please stop reading now and never come back to this blog. This guy has been a monster from his first snap as a Gamecock. Quarterbacks are literally scared of him, look at the Georgia game last year where Aaron Murray crapped his pants. If you do not think he’s worthy of Heisman consideration please check the video above. If the Heisman truly went to the BEST player this guy would get it, but we all know it doesn’t work that way.

#2. Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel

So we have last years Heisman winner right here, Johnny Football who led Texas A&M to glory last year beating the national champs and Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. Lets just say, the arch rivals Texas Longhorns were probably pretty glad they didn’t have to see Johnny. Johnny might have only been eight points away last year from his own national title. The only thing that worries me about Johnny is that fame might have went to his head to quick. Ofcourse he should have a great year in 2013 but will the fame cause a sophomore slump?

Johnny Manziel Off-Season timeline

#1. Tajh Boyd

Tajh Boyd

So by far the most boldest prediction of the timeline, and it comes from another Clemson player. I promise folks I am not a Clemson fan and have absolutely ZERO connections to them. BUT Tajh Boyd has been improving vastly year after year and the pieces are following together for the Tigers. Now that FSU is reloading down south with a new QB, and coaches this is the perfect time for Tajh Boyd and the Tigers. He plays under the highest paid offensive coordinator for a reason and his offensive line has definitely improved from last year. He has three major chances this season to prove he is worthy against the award and they are all against top ten teams from last year (Florida State, Georgia, and South Carolina). The major obstacle is that he HAS to win against South Carolina because it will be the best defense he plays all year. The stellar performance he had in the Chick-fil-a Bowl last year against a stellar defense like LSU is the number one reason why I have him in the top spot to begin the 2013 season.

2012 Stats

Passing Yards: 3896
Completion Percentage: 67.2
Rushing Yards: 514
Total Touchdowns: 46