Who can Best Bama in the BCS?

Bama National Champs
Alabama has dominated the National Championship, winning 3 out of the last 5 games. Yet other teams are getting more competitive with Alabama, example being Texas A&M, the only team to beat Bama this year. Other teams are becoming more powerful through recruiting, adding better players, and a little luck. So who is most likely to take down the Alabama rule of the BCS?


#1. Oregon Ducks

Why? Recent history is why. The last time that the Ducks didn’t have a ten win season was 2007, when they only went a dismal 9-4. They even made it to the BCS National Title game in 2010, only to lose to Auburn.They are retaining the junior speed demon De’Anthony Thomas, and they’re 6’4 sophomore quarterback Marcus Mariota. They also have an easier schedule, only playing three teams with a .500 record last year. The only problems that could arise this year are injuries, or the new coaching staff not meshing with the players.


#2. Ohio State Buckeyes

The Ohio State University Buckeyes have made it to the title game in the last five years as well, where they lost to LSU in 2007. You can’t disregard a team going undefeated, even with the restrictions. The Buckeyes had a great season last year, capped off with a win over Michigan to finish the season without a loss. The Buckeyes have an easy schedule, having already beat 3 of the 5 teams that are over .500. With team statistical leaders such as Braxton Miller (passing and rushing yards) and Philly Brown (receiving yards) returning, the Buckeyes look to repeat their undefeated season when it counts. They, as well, made it to the title game in the last five years. They lost to LSU in 2007.


#3. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Fighting Irish had a rough national title game, but they still went 12-0 in the regular season. They lost many impact players like Tyler Eifert and Manti Te’o, though they did keep Tommy Rees and Louis Nix III. They, like many teams, had a great recruiting offseason. A huge loss was Everett Goldson in the preseason due to “poor academic judgment”.  Seeing if the team can overcome that loss will be interesting as they have a similar schedule to the one they had last year. If they can, they will be able to repeat their cinderella championship run.

  • Levi Johnson

    The only reason the ducks went a dismal “9-4″ in 2007 was Dennis Dixon’s knee gave out. Had he stayed healthy the Ducks would have played Ohio St for the championship not Florida.

    • http://fifth-quarter.org/ Alex

      When I said “dismal”, I meant to show the excellence being breed in Oregon. I said that sarcastically to show how well the Ducks have played in the half decade or so.

  • bagels

    in an article titled “Who can best Bama in the BCS?” you actually put ND there….