Interview with ECU’s Brandon Simmons

Brandon Simmons, Braxton Kelley, Ashton Cobb, Myron Pryor

Brandon Lamar Simmons is one of the biggest underdog stories you may have never heard of but is definitely worth hearing of. Brandon who started off his collegiate career in 2004 at Division II Elizabeth City State had a good Freshman year, but knew he had a bigger calling. He finally ended up walking on at FBS Division I East Carolina where the coaches quickly recognized and were impressed with his talent & skills. His senior season he was officially the man as he helped the Pirates win the Conference USA Championship, beat #17 Virginia Tech and #8 West Virginia. Today we were blessed with the chance to catch up with Brandon and get an interview. So go ahead and check it out!

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#1. What made you want to transfer from Division II Elizabeth City State University (NC) to just down the road to FBS Division I East Carolina?

“Elizabeth City State was a great institution & I’ll forever be appreciative for the Viking family welcoming me with open arms but the reason I transferred was to play football on a Bigger Stage.”

#2. How hard was the walk on process?

“The walk on process was very challenging because the program didn’t recruit me to play for them. As a walk on, I didn’t have full access to many features that scholarship/star players had because my spot wasn’t solidified on the roster. I literally started at the bottom of the program only to work to the top.”

#3. What was your favorite moment of being a Pirate?

“My favorite moment of being a Pirate was playing a pivotal part in resurrecting one of the more dominant 90′s programs in the nation.”

#4. What was the atmosphere like after back to back wins over Virginia Tech and West Virginia in the 2008 season?

“The atmosphere was electric against both Va Tech & West Virginia & is perhaps one of my more memorable experiences at ECU. The fans & overall student body was appreciative for our commitment to winning. It felt great knowing I helped put these smiles on their faces.”

#5. How did it feel knowing in 2008 your Senior season that you were officially the man?

“Knowing I was the man in 2008 was a surreal moment because of the countless Sacrifices I made to position myself for the opportunity. The journey was hard & at times very frustrating, but in the end….the journey was all worth it.”

#6. Your favorite game in your career as a Pirate?

“My favorite games has to be against University of Texas El Paso on senior day of 2008. I had the best game of my career with 4 touchdowns & 100+ yards rushing. Many don’t know this, but I did all this on a pulled right groaning muscle. Trainer Mike Hanley used an Ace Bandage to lock my leg to my body to help prevent it from over extending. If you see the film, you’ll even notice that I never ran laterally. My injury was the reason why. This victory also gave us momentum to fact Tulsa for the C-USA Championship.”

#7. What was the team you absolutely hated? Kind of like a rival?

“Haha well out of conference rival was NC State. In conference rival was Southern Mississippi. Didn’t care too much for either program.”

#8. Where is your CUSA Championship ring right now?

“My ring is in my room stored away. From time to time I wear it. It’s still shiny too.”

#9. What do you have planned for your future?

“I currently coach high school football but I’ve always been an opportunist so wherever the wind blows me…that’s what I’ll be doing. Some day I’ll get into sports journalism because my dream job is being a sports analysis on TV/radio.”

#10. Finally, How was the college process doing it at the same time with your brother Jason?

“Experiencing college football with my brother Jason Simmons was an awesome experience. We both have rings. We both have memorabilia to validate our success on the field. Rare yet cool experiences across the board.”

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