FIU Football: Ready for the CUSA

Florida International

The Florida International Golden Panthers are receiving a fresh start this season in a new conference. Ever since they joined Division One football, the Golden Panthers have always been apart of the Sun Belt Conference. With conference’s shifting all over the place, the Conference USA needed eight new teams and FIU was fortunate enough to get the call. A fresh start is exactly what FIU needs, as they have not been to successful in the Sun Belt. Besides 2010 where they were co-champions of the Sun Belt, they finished outside of the top three each year in the conference. Lets look at what the CUSA will bring to the table for the Panthers.


From 2012-2016 the Conference USA is contracted out to make 35 million just from being on television. This does not even account of what they will make from other resources due to being in the conference. The Sun Belt’s television contract is awful and not even worth listing. The Sun Belt conference is for regional starter programs from rural areas, not for a Florida International team from Miami. With more money the football program should be able to thrive consistently like it did in 2010.

More Exposure

Of course the CUSA television deal will be able to get FIU on primary networks such as ESPN but this means the whole nation will be able to view them. This will allow for recruits that are not in the state of Florida to actually know who the Golden Panthers are.

More Bowl tie-ins

The days of having to win your conference to make The New Orléans Bowl is over. As for the longest time the New Orléans Bowl was the only bowl tie in for the Sun Belt. The CUSA offers bowl games such as The Liberty Bowl, New Orléans Bowl, Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl, Military Bowl,Heart of Dallas Bowl, and Hawaii Bowl.

The Florida International Golden Panthers are going to be a lot more happy now.