UCF vs. ECU is one of the most intense rivalry games that you have probably never heard of. These two programs do not like each other from the players, to fans, and all the way down to Internet trolls. The Knights and Pirates will not get a chance to go at it this year, due to conference realignment, but they will be conference mates again soon. UCF who joined the American Athletic Conference this year will not be to far ahead of ECU, as they will be there in 2014.

Statistics of the Rivalry

  • ECU leads the series with a 9-3 record
  • UCF has won two of the past three
  • No other team has won the CUSA East Championship since 2007 not named ECU or UCF

The American Athletic Conference added two great additions with these two, which is also bringing a great rivalry game. The biggest rivalry going into the future for the conference will be the “War on I-4″ against UCF and USF but the Pirates will probably have bad blood against both of them.

The Orlando Sentinel even called this upcoming rivalry out way back in 2008. The ECU-UCF rivalry will keep growing and growing, especially with the continuing success of the two.