Johnny Manziel equals Thad Castle


If the show Blue Mountain State was looking to create a season four they might want to hire Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football has shown this off-season that he is pretty similar to Thad Castle. In this segment we are going to show you how Johnny Manziel equals Thad Castle. Who else remembers early in the second season of Blue Mountain State when Thad Castle would take so many things from agents? Well now it’s looking like Johnny Manziel is doing the same thing for his autographs, getting the cash to roll in. Also anyone who has at least seen one episode of BMS will know that Thad Castle is the greatest partier of all time. Johnny Manziel gave Thad Castle a good run for his money this off-season from gambling, drinking, and all of the above. Johnny should probably wait for the National Football League until he really starts his Thad Castle life style.

Johnny Football Off-season Timeline

Thad Castle