iPhone and the SEC


So you may ask why in the world I would have one of our head pictures of a Iphone, and I promise I have a good reason for it. Thanks to Reddit and its college football section I came across one of the most interesting facts of the weekend for myself, that you may enjoy yourself. This fun fact has to deal with the iPhone and the SEC.

The last time a program outside of the SouthEastern Conference won a national championship the iPhone did not exist. We are already on our fifth generation of the iPhone with the iPhone5. This absolutely stunned me, as the iPhone has been out for a while. The last team to win a national championship outside of the SEC was the Texas Longhorns from the 2005 season. So let this sink in for you, as the season is getting ready to start, and know that every team outside of the SEC has a tough row to hoe if they want to take that crystal ball away.

* The first generation of the iPhone was released on June 29, 2007