October Conference Rankings

SEC LogoIt’s time to update the conference rankings for the pivotal month of October. Seeing as October rarely features out of conference games, these rankings will more or less be final.

1. SEC

Who would of guessed it? The SEC is still king. Alabama is #1, and the conference is 32-7 in out of conference play. What’s more impressive is that only two of those losses happened to the best of the conference (Clemson vs. Georgia, Miami vs. Florida), and both opponents are top 15, with one still in the competition for a national title.

Not to mention that the SEC has become fun. LSU has discovered the fact that they have an offense, Alabama is getting into shootouts, and Ole Miss is tearing it up with their freshman. The only team solely winning with defense is Florida.

2. Pac-12

Despite low expectations at the beginning of the season, the Pac-12 has made a name for themselves so far. Stanford and Oregon have stayed in the top 5, and the game between the two looks like the game of the year so far. UCLA has remained in the polls with a tough schedule, Washington has started to climb higher and higher, and Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State, and Utah all made appearances in the back end of the polls, with some votes received. and The only embarrassing points are USC, and Oregon State losing to an FCS team.

3. Big XII

The Big XII is a confusing place right now. Traditional champ Texas has completely fallen out of contention, and second in line Oklahoma State lost to has beens West Virginia. With TCU completely out of the picture now, Oklahoma now looks like the clear cut champs, but they’re always vulnerable to upsets and failure. Baylor and Texas Tech do not look like they will go far in the BCS race, but are still good teams. At this rate, the Big XII can completely fall out of the championship talk.

4. Big 10

You know your conference is a problem when the only thing holding back your title hopes is your conference. Ohio State’s ticket puncher for the BCS game was it’s conference schedule. At week two, you could make an argument for the Big 10 as the #2 conference. Since then, Nebraska and Wisconsin collapsed, Michigan lost eight ranks in the polls without even losing a game (two very close calls against Akron and UConn), Northwestern is still unproven, and the rest of the conference just isn’t that good. Ohio State could be the only one still ranked at the end of the season.

5. ACC

The ACC is proving very surprising this year. Miami upset Florida in their last meeting ever, giving the ACC a new lease on life. Florida State has looked reinvigorated with the addition of Jameis Winston, and Clemson hasn’t Clemson’d yet. Maryland is even making a surprise guest appearance at the #25 spot (which won’t last long seeing as they play FSU at the Doak this week). Even more surprising is that Virginia Tech possesses one of the best defences in all of CFB, while Georgia Tech’s offence has come back to life. Despite the conference’s resurgance, we must remember that the rest of the teams are still not very good. Despite some strong showings by the lower side of the conference (Syracuse, NC State, Pittsburgh), neither team shows that they’ll be capable of getting to a bowl game without some tough grinding.

6. AAC

Just like the Big 10, the conference’s only legitimate threat is held back by the conference. But much worse in the AAC. Louisville’s schedule makes them BCS game outsiders, even though they’re in an AQ conference. The other teams aren’t even getting more than 15 points in the poll. UCF had a strong showing against South Carolina, but so far, they have nothing else impressive about them. It’s unlikely that anyone else in the conference gets above the 25-20 range in the polls. It’s been a fun first year AAC, but it looks like it’s already over.

7. MWC

Ever since Boise was dominated in week one, the outlook for this conference has not been promising. However, Fresno State has risen from the ashes to replace Boise State. The rest of the schedule is favourable for Fresno to go undefeated and raise hell in the BCS for one last time. The conference is so bad that it’s likely that 7 out of 12 teams will have losing seasons. Wyoming has been a pleasant surprise, I want to see them make a bowl game just for shits.

8. MAC

The MAC has been headlined by forerunners, and held back by everyone else. The only reason the MAC isn’t at the bottom is because of the fact that three teams are two games away from bowl games already. As for now, they’ll continue to hold the #8 spot because of the low end of their conference.

9. Sun Belt

While the Sun Belt surely is no hot spot (forgive me) for top quality football talent, they are just mediocre enough to have all but one team (FCS transition Georgia State) to still be in decent position for a bowl game. The conference schedule could prove favourable enough for about three or four teams to go to bowl games, which is still decent for conference that used to only send one or two teams to bowls.

10. Conference USA

At the beginning of the season, I said that only Tulsa and ECU would be the only bright stars in this conference. I was only wrong about Tulsa. ECU has been somewhat good, and received votes in the poll, which is more than the Sun Belt and MAC can say. However, the C-USA also has the two worst teams in CFB right now. FIU does not look like they’ll win a game, and Southern Miss looks like they’ll make it two seasons straight. If you expand the scope, the C-USA has four teams that will fall below the 100′s in the total CFB rankings. The other winning squads, North Texas, Tulane, and Mid Tennessee do not look like they’ll be able to sustain their success for long. This conference is in the shitter right now, and if any team besides ECU can win a game, it’ll be surprising.

Via: BCS Buddy