The ACC vs. SEC scheduling idea is starting to pick up some steam as we get closer to the 2014 season. The conferences already have four natural rivalries between instate opponents that happen yearly. Just like many other fans, FifthQuarter believes many more rivalries could be born between the ACC-SEC. There is not two other conferences that share the same geographical region as much as the ACC and SEC does. So take a look below and we will show you which new series that are destined to happen.


  • Florida State vs. Florida

  • Georgia Tech vs. Georgia

  • Clemson vs. South Carolina

  • Louisville vs. Kentucky


These four rivalry games are already set in concrete and most likely will never stop being played, unless the apocalypse happens. These programs are all instate rivals, and hate each other very much.With these 8 programs already taken we have 20 teams left to be paired up for an annual series.



Virginia vs. Auburn


These two programs actually have an interesting history that not many know about. Just remember this simple sequence Virginia–>Auburn—>Clemson. Out of those three programs Virginia was the first to start football. Auburn started their football program modeling the Orange and Blue colors after Virginia. Then Clemson modeled the Orange off of Auburn and was also named the Tigers after Auburn. Now why in the world would Auburn model themselves after the Cavaliers of Virginia? Well the answer is quiet simple as the first Auburn head coach was a Virginia graduate name George Petrie. He chose to adopt the Orange and Blue colors after his alma matter Virginia. So the two programs are intertwine with each other  and it would be a good series for both Universities.


Miami vs. Alabama


Something tells me that these two programs could start a rivalry of hate as they are conference jewels for both the ACC and SEC. The last time these two programs competed with each other on the field was in the 1992 National Championship Game in New Orleans. Alabama smoked the Hurricanes to win their 12th national championship 34-13. If anyone remembers the weeks leading up towards the game Miami was a heavy favorite and no one gave Alabama a chance. There was a lot of hate before that game, and an annual series could rekindle the hate between the programs in bordering states.


Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee


The Battle at Bristol in 2016 will be literally the biggest college football game in history. Officials are estimating over 160,000 fans will witness the Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee match up. The two programs have only played eight times, which is not enough for two schools that are only 236 miles apart in bordering states, Interstate 81 would take you straight there!


Wake Forest vs. Vanderbilt


These two programs are basically mirror images of each other just in different conferences. The two prestigious Universities both put academics before athletics, but both are starting to see success in football the past ten years. Since 2005 the two have played seven times, and has added a nice touch to end the season. Both schools do not have natural out of conference rivals, so they seem perfect for each other.



North Carolina vs. Ole Miss

The two programs have never played each other before but as far as success the programs are similar. Both football programs have similar number of conference championships, and bowl game appearances. Both programs right now have up in coming coaches with success on the rise. This would make for a decent series.


North Carolina State vs. Mississippi State

In the SEC and ACC there are a total of four combined state schools. The first two state schools that come to mind from those conferences are Florida State and Louisiana State. Traditionally both of these state schools (NCSU & MSU) have been middle of the road teams in both conferences. Both of these programs are looking for respect, and have been under appreciated.



  •  Pittsburgh vs. LSU

  •  Duke vs. Texas A&M

  • Syracuse vs. Missouri

  • Boston College vs. Arkansas


Obviously the four match ups above are nowhere near to becoming natural rivals. Unless there is an incident during the game to give hatred for a fan base, there will never be a rivalry between any of these eight programs. There is nothing similar between them, and geographically they are all just to distant. The solution towards this is to let these eight programs rotate games with each other yearly. This way we can have yearly ACC vs. SEC match ups and something for all of college football to love.