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John John Cooper
John Cooper is a writer and editor here at Fifth Quarter. He is a graduate Faulkner University (AL) where he played on the Faulkner Football team from 2010-2013. Ask him about his championship ring. Currently he teaches and coaches at Clarke County (AL). He is known among his peers as the football encyclopedia and rightly so… He has not only been played college football but has attended games including Troy, South Alabama, Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Wake Forest, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Louisville, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Syracuse, and many others so “I don’t know how to say this but he’s kind of a big deal” when it comes to football.

Site Admin/Co-Owner

Jacob Jacob Kilpatrick
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Jacob Kilpatrick is the site admin and designer of Fifth Quarter. He is a Computer Engineering major at FSU.  When not adding a new feature to Fifth Quarter, he spends his time over at Droid-Life.com learning about everything Android.  So, expect a Fifth Quarter app coming soon.  He is an Alabama fan, but loves watching all college football, including Auburn.



Joseph Joseph Duggar
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Joseph Duggar is a part time writer and editor at Fifth Quarter, a Nursing student at Florida State University (yes, a murse male nurse), a new-to-the-game college football fanatic, and a devout Noles fan still buying into “The Seminoles will be back this year” mantra.